Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Crap Performance

Its been a very frustrating period since the xmas break. A mixture of work and uni studies has messed my training frequency.. and it shows.

I can't seem to do the simple things right, I feel lethargic and I'm getting annoyed with myself during keiko. To be honest I think this is my lowest point since i started training over 5 years ago.

My biggest issue at the moment (still) is distance. I am constantly told to attack from further out and that im a 'small person trapped in a tall person's body'. Therefore, I try to attack from longer maai which results in terrible posture, I tend to lunge forward and flick my left foot up behind me.

As a result, over the last few weeks I've asked a number of higher grades their opinion on the best distance for me. Generally it has been split between (or words to the effect of):
  • "Attack when opponent enters my range"; or
  • "Attack from the distance I am comfortable with".

Both Blake and O'Sullivan senseis suggested I should stick to the latter, with O'Sullivan sensei elaborating that I will be able to attack from further distance as my skill level improves.

Without the constant worry of trying to attack from extreme distance and breaking my posture, I will try to cut from the distance I'm happy with then work from there.

Kendo, makes you wonder why we do it?