Thursday, 6 January 2011

Video on Seme & Centre

Happy New Year to all!
Wow, another year gone... they seem to pass so quickly now.

No kendo since December due to loads of uni assignment deadlines :( Therefore, i've posted an interesting youtube clip which Katsuya Sensei of Wakaba dojo sent us on an email a few days ago.

The link if of a kids seminar in Tokyo, he also included a short description on what is being taught. It's times like this I wish I could speak some of the lingo!

Katsuya Sensei's notes:

"This is Kendo Kid's seminar by Tokyo police, Nishikawa (3 time champ), Uchimura (twice champ, wearing Men) and Asano (Tokyo police chief instructor).

Unfortunately there are no subtitles. Basically they explain 'Seme' and 'centre'.

Nishikawa (first teacher) explains that the tall guy always wins if the attack happens at the same time. But if one of them starts from far distance and steps in first, they will win in most cases.

Asano (second sensei) explains 'centre', how important it is and how it works. Basically, he is suggesting use minimum shift on a Shinai for Kote and own body position for Do."

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