Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's Tough Finding the Time

Wow.. its been longer than a month since my last entry.

Nothing major to report really, my life is still under the jackboot of uni work. I'm trying desperately to shoehorn kendo into any available time but its proving difficult both physically and mentally. I find myself exhausted after only 4-5 hours sleep some nights (i'm up for work at 0550) .....generating enough energy for kendo can be a struggle. I keep telling myself I've only got until Feb next year and this nightmare is done.

I also visited the physio about my wrist. She said that the injury has improved and what remains is residual pain. Apparently this pain doesn't mean i'm 're-injuring' my wrist, I simply have to work through it until it gets better. This can potentially take 12 months. I explained that I practiced kendo and she advised that I should ease myself back into training, the unnatural bending of the wrists during chudan means I'll feel discomfort. I'm taking paracetamol before practice which can just about get me through a 2 hour session, I think it will be a while until I can attend two day squad training again.

On the kendo front, Holt sensei has highlighted my posture as I'm still bending too far backwards. Therefore, I'm attempting to straighten up and lean forward a few degrees. Work in progress.

I'm also working on zanshin and turning effectively. This is bloody hard work because I have to maintain concentration and not take cheeky breathers. I've also discovered, like Zoolander, I'm not an ambi-turner - I can't turn right. More work in progress.

On a positive note, Salmon sensei commented that my footwork has improved slightly over the last few months.

Finally, I'm entered into the team comp of the London cup. I feel we've got quite an experienced team this year, I hope I can keep my end up as my shiai record is ubergash. I've had to duck out of the singles comp due to uni *yawn* work.

81 days until grading