Friday, 21 September 2012

Disappointing News

Just back from the specialist who explained my wrist situation.

First my left, he outlined a series of bruised bones in my lower palm area, where the bottom of the shinai tsuka sits and you squeeze with the bottom fingers.  The doc explains this is the result of an impact injury.  I suggested this could be the result of tenouchi and the sword slamming into my palm from cuts and tsuki - he seemed to agree.

The doc said this should recover after a few more months of rest.

News about my right wrist was more depressing.  He highlighted a slight tear in the cartilage which is the suggested cause of the pain.  He has referred me back to the physio so I can return to rehab work.... however, if this doesn't improve I have to make a decision whether to live with the pain or give up kendo.

The realisation that I may not be able to continue is only just dawning on me.

Anyway, i'm out of action to January 2013 and will assess the situation then.  Until this time I doubt i'll post many more messages.