Friday, 21 September 2012

Disappointing News

Just back from the specialist who explained my wrist situation.

First my left, he outlined a series of bruised bones in my lower palm area, where the bottom of the shinai tsuka sits and you squeeze with the bottom fingers.  The doc explains this is the result of an impact injury.  I suggested this could be the result of tenouchi and the sword slamming into my palm from cuts and tsuki - he seemed to agree.

The doc said this should recover after a few more months of rest.

News about my right wrist was more depressing.  He highlighted a slight tear in the cartilage which is the suggested cause of the pain.  He has referred me back to the physio so I can return to rehab work.... however, if this doesn't improve I have to make a decision whether to live with the pain or give up kendo.

The realisation that I may not be able to continue is only just dawning on me.

Anyway, i'm out of action to January 2013 and will assess the situation then.  Until this time I doubt i'll post many more messages.


  1. Derrick, I totally know where you're at at the moment having been there in January. I miss it immensely but as time has gone on the loss has reduced. I still go to kata to feel part of it but I've moved on for the most part.

    Much like when a relationship fails folk say "plenty more fish in the sea" and you think they're talking out of their hat, finding an alternative to kendo may not be an option. Saying that, I did look into alternative hobbies just so I stopped going insane. I got back into tabletop wargaming. It's not cool, it's not the same, it doesn't keep me fit and it will always be a poor replacement. But I do enjoy it, I've met new people and rekindled friendships with those of old.

    I hope you can continue or at least take a hiatus for a good while, even a year or two, but I would advise finding something else to occupy that need just in case. I didn't thinkit would help me but it has. Good luck.

  2. Cheers Dwez

    Its rubbish, eh? There are options still, maybe switching to Jodan? Maybe thats just postponing the inevitable though.

    Your injury is much more serious than mine so its hard to compare in that sense, the loss is still the same I admit. I'm still holding out hope I can sort it, or at least reduce the discomfort through physio.

    I've managed to fill my three holes in the week with cycling. I've jumped on the national band wagon and bought a road bike. Putting in about 50-60 miles a week at the moment (its now my new obsession). The three month break will also let me finish up the last module of my degree uninterrupted.

    Glad you've found another past time. I used to love model painting in my early teens, much more than playing. Spent many Saturdays at GW Derby painting for the shop's displays. I still have an old box of paints somewhere hahaha.

    1. Well I see returning to kendo when I retire and then if anything does go wrong my kids can put me in a home ;) If jodan is an option try it. If I'd have stopped first time I'd have missed out on a further 12 months. Of course now I'm totally out of the loop, which isn't great considering I do the clubs news page!

      Good on you with the cycling, and why not join in something we are actually good at! 50-60 miles sounds mental to me but I'm sure it'll keep you fit and active and provide the mental space to help refocus with your work. I know I needed kendo to help me through my degree, even if there was a seminar in the middle of the last month of it!

      Ha, ha, we were all geeks, Tom Widdows is making tru-scale Space Marines. You must have been decent to put them in the displays. I had to tidy up my hobby stuff yesterday - the wife was appalled at how much 'crap' I have. I told her it was her fault for getting me back into it. It's a total 'thief' - time, money and space but I was out on Saturday and until 12:45am last night gaming. Won one, lost one, c'est la vie.

  3. I've found a replacement for kakarigeiko pain - its called box hill.

    Ha.. release the inner geek.

    I've not studies GW stuff for many years, it must have moved on in skill and expectation significantly since '91-'92ish time I was into it. I got a figure into the golden demon finals at the NEC one year - is that still going?...... trying to remember what it was. Space wolf chaplin with banner I think. It was so long ago. I remember THE man at the time was Mike McVey, he was my painting idol.

    I've still got some ancient figures all in various stages of paint knocking about somewhere. All lead - plastic was for the cheaper boardgame versions ;) One of my problems was I found it difficult to finish a figure before moving to the next haha.