Monday, 12 March 2012

Grading buildup now on...

Just realised i've not updated for a while, been very busy with uni work. Couple of things of note over the last few weeks....

I attended a Fuji sensei mini kata seminar. We managed to work though all 10 forms to a reasonable degree, I reckon i've got the basic kodachi kata movements sorted now. However, i'm still pretty raggy. I have four months to clean them up before grading in July.

My weekly practices are an up and down affair. I've managed a few weeks of three sessions but they swing from absolute toilet to feeling good, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. E.g. last Thursday I felt very secure in my seme and concentration yet the very next day I was all over the place and couldn't 'switch on'.

I've been continuing my practice with abdominal breathing. I'm kind of getting it to work at times, but when I start to breathe hard I'm unable to maintain it.

Salmon sensei commented that i'm leaning too far backwards again. He advised that I straighten up, then seme with the feeling of attacking my opponent's left eye with my lower abdomen (hara). This feeling should carry me forward seme -> men without breaking it into a two step process (which can leave me vulnerable). I also need to think "forward, forward, forward" and immediately take an opportunity. I think i'm currently creeping forward with a backwards mind, which means I hesitate if my opponent flinches and provides an opening.

I practiced with a Japanese lad at Mumeishi who recently finished third in the Paris taikai. He was shit hot with the stamina of the energiser bunny. He noted that i'm not turning into zanshin fast enough so missing opportunities to catch my opponent off guard (but be careful of the debana kote!). On a similar note, I recently watched a few sandan shinsa vids from last weekend's Glasgow grading. The guys that impressed all possessed straight, powerful seme (e.g. no bending over for kote), all turned quickly for zanshin displaying focus and control.

Something to note for myself.

On the injury front, im still battling with my wrist problem. I saw the doc again last week who has booked me in to see a physio. The only problem is I have to wait four weeks. Its squad training again this weekend but i'm unsure if I'll manage two full days. It currently aches after just two hours of practice.