Sunday, 23 January 2011

Return to Basics

I paid a visit to Wakaba this week and managed some time in motodatchigeiko with Katsuya sensei and Manny.

Both pulled me up on similar basic points regarding distance and relaxation.

Katsuya sensei:
  • Concentrate on the opponent all the time, even when passing.
  • Relax shoulders and arms. Katsuya then told me to cut shomen from to-ma and demonstrated that a relaxed posture can help with distance.
  • Move left hip first when attacking. This help reduce telegraphing and leading with upper body.
  • Katsuya said all this will take time to learn so I have to be prepared to lose. By learning to attack from distance will allow me to see and react to an opponent's intention, but this requires practice.
  • Learn to provoke opponent, make them fear you.
  • If people moving in on me first, then I'm not taking the initiative.
  • I've started to to flick with right hand.
  • I tend to retreat a lot during jigeiko. I explained that I'm trying to make distance for longer attacks, Manny suggested that I simply cut from a stationary position (rather than push forward). Simply raise my arms and cut down using required footwork means I should reach ok.
The following practice at my club I was given some a few pointers by Young:
  • I need to increase my aggression and always be ready to attack.
  • Don't take my kensen too far off centre.
  • Explode forward instantaneously, don't learn forward first (I have real trouble doing this).
I'm experiencing some real difficulty with my basic cutting. I think too much focus oji waza has taken my eye off the ball.

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