Saturday, 8 May 2010

All stop for the election!

No practice this thursday due to the dojo doubling as a polling station. This means friday was the only regular practice this week because tuesday was for beginners (thus limited jigeiko time). However, to compensate I attended saturday's squad/intensive training at Brunel Uni.

This was a full on three hour session of kihon and jigeiko. Most people were whacked by the end. Mano sensei focused on footwork position and hiki waza during the session.
  • Footwork
The position of the front foot during the cut should be adjusted depending on the target. When striking shomen the right foot should land between the opponents feet. For kote the right foot should land in line with the opponent's right foot (no twisting the cut around with the body). Finally, to cut do the right foot should land in line with the opponent's left foot.

  • Hiki Waza
Unless the kenshi is very experienced, hiki waza should be made with a big cut. The point of the exercise was to retreat at speed after the cut and show strong zanshin (don't wave the shinai too far behind your head).

We were encouraged to run though after all kihon cuts and make use of the large hall. The motodachi was told to turn and follow shidachi, with an attitude ready to attack.

During jigeiko I managed to practice with Alan Thompson. I was again pulled up on distance (I never learn). However, one bit of advice proved an 'a-haaa' moment. I tend to start my seme at Issoku ittō-no-maai which means i'm too close when I creep in and cut. Alan suggested I seme in from distance then cut when Sakigawa (tips) cross. What I need to work out is how to implement this when my opponent rushes in and I dont get a chance to seme from outside distance.


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