Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Admitting Defeat

It looks like i'll have to skip training for a few weeks to give my knackered ankle a proper rest. I visited Mumeishi yesterday in the hope that it will hold up, but I pulled it again with about 20 mins of the session left.

I did manage jigeiko with Holt and Salmon sensei. Both commented that I need to work on pressure and creation of an opportunity. Holt sensei in particular highlighted the need to develop an ability to keep centre, build pressure, concentration then make an opportunity though technique (e.g. harai) in order to pass Sandan. I'm merely performing 'brainless kendo' at the moment.

All stuff to think about during my recovery and plenty of gym work ahead.


  1. Tough news, keep positive though. I have a protruding disc that gave me numbness and pins and needles in my right arm/hand , that went OK for a while but now it's my left arm/hands and worse than before. I struggled a bit at the Bowden with it. Who knows what they'll say when I go back and see them...

    I think I'm in exactly the same boat as you for sandan - I hope I'm not performing 'brainless kendo' but I feel I am and as that was my 4th Bowden without scoring and ippon I struggle to imagine scoring a point in shinsa through my own efforts. This is why I've delayed attempting it until next year when I could have tried at Stoke, but I still feel not ready.

    Keep fighting TKH, good luck with the recovery.

  2. Ouch, that sounds serious. I imagine its a proper physio job? I hope you are able to work your way though it without any long term issues.

    I reckon breaking 'brainless kendo' is our version of the 'Great Barrier' (star trek reference for you - heh), once we get though it we're on the path to 4th dan and higher grades. However, no amount of tricks and feints can make up for it, we have to learn control otherwise we'll always be rumbled peers and higher grades. I'm finding this out on a weekly basis.

    I know the theory in my head, my body just doesn't follow the script.