Friday, 21 June 2013

Inoue Sensei Club Visit

We had a visit from Inoue Sensei who was visiting before the BKA's weekend seminar.  This will be the first major seminar I've missed for quite a few years :(

Sensei used the time to explain posture and cutting speed.  Firstly he explained that shinai tip must travel fast to make a crisp cut - not laboured which can be commonly seen during suburi (timing of two).  He encouraged us all to cut every suburi swing at full speed and energy.

The second half of the lesson he introduced a new angle on posture which I've not heard before.  I can only remember the broad concept so forgive me if I've forgotten anything important.  Sensei described the area between the forehead (just between the eyebrows) and the middle of the brain at the 'Sunden' (spelling?).  He described some sort of metaphysical association with this area, but I cant remember what it is.

While in kamae the Sunden needs to sit above and in line with the 'Tanden', positioned in the lower part of the abdomen.   When moving forward these should be aligned to maintain posture.  Sensei explained that we should keep a neutral expression - no scary faces!
Overall an enjoyable session with quite a few visitors from other clubs.

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