Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mixed Bag

I was a bit hit and miss this week with the same old problems reoccurring.

Young (3rd dan who has very strong kendo) returned to practice after his trips to Japan and Korea. He took me to task and basically beat the stuffing out of me. At only point he was scoring multiple kote men and even knocked my shinai out of my hands - I had no answer to his onslaught. He explained afterwards that I was not effective in my seme as I was leaning forward and not using my whole body (pushing from the hips). I should also immediately follow up and cut if he backs away, no multiple steps forward are needed. Just one step then cut. In addition, I need to use my wrists more at the end of the cut as i'm striking the mengane too often.

Lots to consider.

During Thursday practice Geoff Salmon Sensei commented that my right arm tends to waft a bit when I raise for a cut, this effects my posture and cut success. This was reaffirmed on Friday when Tony said my kensen tended to drift to the right as I lifted for a cut. I must concentrate on maintaining my kamae and keep the kensen central during my cuts.

Therefore I still need to:
  • Drive with the hips;
  • Push with body for seme; and
  • Snap the wrist forward more for my cuts.

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