Wednesday, 2 December 2009

On my arse

Tuesday's practice in London was a bit of a mixed bag. It was good to see the beginners course finish with all the new guys passing their kirikaeshi test, let the hard work begin! Hopefully we will get back to our regular kihon on a Tuesday.

However, afterwards we had a 10 minute jigeiko bash-up and I lined up against Oli, the strongest shodan at the club. We usually resort to 'agricultural' kendo when we fight each other to let off some steam, its not very pretty. This week he caught me with a good taitari which knocked me onto my arse (my arms were raised). I should have got up, dusted myself off and kept my cool, instead I steamed in with predictable men cuts which he dismissed with a couple of ace Kaeshi dos.

I left at the end a bit annoyed with myself. I need to keep my cool in those situations and enforce my centre.

Im also still wearing my homemade kote padding. I think i'll keep it on until after xmas as my knuckle is still a tad swollen.

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