Monday, 18 October 2010

Slack Month

Due to a number of events over the last month or so i've been unable to practice much kendo. A combination of illness (the dreaded yearly autumn cold/flu outbreak), my brother's stag do (Munich beerfest. yay!), wedding and house decorating meant I missed a lot of dojo time.

However, i've now been back for just over a week. I'm short on form but still managing to concentrate on my footwork. I have worked out that i'm balancing more on my back foot in kamae which could explain why i'm lifting my front foot up high and stamping when i launch forward. Consequently, i'm trying to shift my centre of balance more to the front foot (40/60) which helps raise my heals and bend my knees. I'm finding it difficult to retrain my muscle memory but I need to persevere.

I also fought in the British Open Taikai last Saturday. Unfortunately, I lost in the first round after going 1-0 up with a men cut, I lost my concentration in the latter part of the match and lost to two kote. I should have closed the match down instead of fighting for a second point... oh well, i'll mark it down to experience.

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