Monday, 5 April 2010

Another New Dojo

I was back home in the midlands for easter which provided a good opportunity to visit Kashi No Ki Kenyu Kai dojo in Ollerton (Notts). Considering its only a 50 min drive from my folks I've never got 'round to visiting before.

Due to the easter holls there were only a few people there. I was greeted by Ken (a senior at the club) who was very friendly. Luckily, Alan Thompson who's a key member of the British Squad was visiting and took the lesson as Ken was coaching a beginner.

We started with kihon and progressed to shiai techniques, focusing on seme, sashi men and kote men/do. I found the session very helpful and gained some useful advice:
  • Cut immediately after seme, don't pause after I step into distance;
  • Dont hang my kensen before cutting down with sashi men, cut must be an immediate snap;
  • Dont grip the shinai too tight during seme;
  • Move the Tsukagashira (end of the Tsuka) in a circular motion with left hand to snap a cut for a small do (using Tenouchi). Ideal for kote-do technique;
  • Dont stare at my target before cut. Concentrate on opponent, quickly look at target when cutting but immediately focus back on opponent on contact; and
  • Alan was pleased with the speed of my sashi men. He suggested that I need to build my attacking confidence to be able to use it effectively.
I have been given similar advice from many other sensei. I'm hoping one of these days I will be able to incorporate them into my kendo correctly!


  1. similar advice from many other sensei.. and peeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!

  2. I know Zeke.... it doesnt seem to fix in my head!