Sunday, 18 April 2010

Good end to the week

After a disappointing Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday proved much more productive.

Something seemed to click on Thursday and my concentration was bang on, I'd love to know why this happens because I didn't consciously change anything compared to previous weeks. I felt like I was aware of my distance much more which produced more pressure to my opponent, I even managed a couple of suriage men cuts on high grades.

I visited Wakaba on Saturday which turned into one of the most enjoyable days of kendo for a while. There was only a few of us there for the initial kihon lesson which slowly grew in numbers, by then end we had a good 20 or so. For the last 90 minutes of motodachi keiko and jigeiko the numbers had swelled to 50-60 kenshi as late comers and people from the neighbouring shinpan seminar joined. I even met a few guys from my club. It seemed that most people there were nidan or above.

All I can say is the atmosphere was electric and one of the best ive experienced (could it be due to the nice weather?). Jigeiko was very cramped but the sound was amazing, everyone seemed to be giving 100%. I was happy with most of my fights, my seme seemed to be working to a degree with similar grade opponents... i still have a way to go with higher grades!

I received advice from a few people:
  • Rukas: Good basics but I need to stop waggling my kensen (agghh!). It shows that I look nervous.
  • Pramalts (I think): Need to keep my centre more to threaten.
  • Hiro: Good basics but I need to aim for the back of the men when I cut because I have a tendency to hit the mengane. Need to stretch my arms out more on the run though and pivot on the right foot when I turn after Zanshin.
  • Mani: Said I produced much more pressure compared to the last time I fought him a few months back. Said I used my height and distance advantage more.
After this I got battered in the pub with Harris sensei. A good end to the day.

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