Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Disappointing reaction to pressure situation

I visited Tora dojo again on Tuesday night which proved to be another energetic and enjoyable practice.

At the end of class we we were split into two teams and had a single point shiai-geiko. I was matched against two Tora nidans, the first nailed me with a men in about 10 seconds. I attempted men at the same time but he was too quick for me. However, I lasted longer against the second guy but he eventually caught me with a kote.

I've never been great in shiai but I was disappointed with my reaction to the situation. Speaking with Zeke (a dojomate) he observed that my kensen was all over the place and that I had no centre. I'm annoyed that all my effort into improving seme went out of the window when the pressure was on.

I need to calm down and not fall into the trap of mirroring my opponents movements.

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