Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back Up North

I had to travel up to Glasgow again due to work so I arranged another visit Taisedokai. This time I was lucky enough to meet Gerry Kincaid Sensei who taught the class. Keiko consisted of seme and oji waza, concentrating on using suriashi to focus the seme.

The main tips I took from the class:

  • Seme should be moving forward (varying speed). Don't move into distance then stop and wait.
  • Seme is driven with right foot and left hand moving forward.
  • Don't open out the elbows too wide when making a big men attack, it exposes tsuki and do targets.
  • Misdirection - fake a kote then cut men or fake men then cut kote if the aite lifts their hands. I have practised the fake kote for a while but never the other way around, this is something I will try in the future.
Kincaid Sensei was kind enough to explain these points to me in detail after practice.

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