Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Suburi Technique

Terry Holt sensei (7th dan) from Mumeishi dojo visited the club on Friday practice and taught a basics session.

Holt sensei focused on cutting and using the wrists but without rotating the hands - 'touching your nose with your shinai' as he put it. To practice this we were told to hold the shinai in the middle of the tsuka (no space between hands), then cut men, kote, do. The close positioning of the hands meant it was difficult to rotate shinai vertically. The aim was to finish the cut with a wrist 'snap'.

During Jigeiko Holt Sensei pulled me up on my spirit and kiai. I tend to kiai then let my spirit drop before I attack.

Blake sensei taught me an alternative hiki waza technique (i forget the name). Instead of cutting by launching back with standard footwork, step back right then left foot then cut men moving forward. This gives the impression you are disengaging which can make the aite drop their guard.

Holt Sensei during Jigeiko

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